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Summer Therapy Program (STP)

Parent Testimonials
Here are what parents are saying about the UCI Summer Therapy Program:

"The program was fantastic!  The things I liked most were that her self -esteem improved, as well as her attitude and cooperation at home.  I really can't say enough about the program, thank you!"
- Mother of a 10-year-old girl

"I think the program is really great.  We saw a big change in our child, not only his behavior but also in his self-esteem.  He is a lot more involved socially and I think it's made a big difference."
- Father of an 11-year-old boy

"He had a really wonderful fun summer!  He has learned a lot and I think probably the most telling thing is that his self-esteem has grown so much.  He has discovered a group of friends and people who understand him and he is learning to behave in ways that adults expect him to behave.  Early on, he insisted that we call this the 'place where he fits in', not camp or school.   It's just been a really positive experience all around."
Mother of 9-year-old boy

"There are two things that really stand out to us about the program.  The first one is the adult piece where parents get to interact with other parents and share their experiences as peers.  And that seems to go a very long way in helping us understand some of the situations that we are trying to deal with how to deal with them.  The second thing we listed out was the common language that teacher and coachs use with the kids during day, that we can bring back into the house which helps not only to reinforce it with Domenic, but also to spread it to our other two boys."
- Father of an 8-year-old boy

"There are a lot of things that I liked about this program.  One thing that has been the most helpful was the parenting classes.  It has taught us some of the techniques and tools that have worked well for our child, so we can try those things at home and continue them when he goes back to school.  The other thing that has been helpful is giving us hope to see that our child can change if we are consistent and continue to do all the techniques and things that he has learned in his classes."
- Father of an 8-year-old boy

"My son learned control and he learned how to believe in himself again over the summer."
- Mother of an 8-year-old boy

"The Summer Therapy Program team is very professional and experienced.  I don't think you can get this anywhere but here.  I am very appreciative to have this group of experienced people to help improve our lives and future.  I think that for those who have children with ADHD, this is an opportunity to help our children.  When I first thought about coming here, I had some doubts, but by the end of this program I can tell you only one thing: this program is a success!"
- Father of an 8-year-old girl

"The Summer Therapy Program has been just a tremendous experience for my son.  We were not sure at first how he was going to fit into the system with the incentives and how it was going to work, but I think it was a tremendous learning experience for him.  He was really excited to accomplish his goals for the week and participate in Fun Friday.  It's been a great opportunity for him to play and make friends and we just couldn't have been more thrilled with the progress he has made this summer!"
- Father of a 7-year-old boy

"This has been such a wonderful program for our son this summer.  And not just in terms of developmental skills and behavioral skills.  Before the start of the summer, he was having a lot of trouble with school.  His self-esteem was eroding.  His sense of self and pride in himself, his spark.  This summer has helped him to feel more confident about himself, which is just magical.   It has also helped at home and made the whole family system work better.  It's been wonderful; we highly, highly recommend it and can't wait to come back!"
- Parents of 9-year-old boy


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